TM-2.0 / TM-2.8 Mechanical Thermobar

designed to control the temperature change of grain and cereal products

A mechanical thermowell (long - 2.8 meters and 2.0 meters) is used in the food, procurement and processing industries to measure the temperature inside the volume of grain products that are stored in open warehouses or in storage areas in unmodified form.

When storing large volumes of grain, the self-heating effect may occur, caused by internal processes that are not directly related to changes in the temperature of the air in the store, and can adversely affect the taste and smell of grain. Therefore, regular monitoring of temperature indicators in the mass of bulk products of grain type is extremely necessary, and by purchasing the appropriate equipment it is possible to protect the products from irreparable damage.

Structurally, the product is made in the form of a long rod with a short tip at one end and a two-handed transverse handle at the other.

Key elements:
- Container.
- Rod
?- Handle.

The container is made in the form of a hollow cylinder with a longitudinal groove on the side wall. At one of the ends of the container there is a conical point, which facilitates the flow of individual particles around the device when it is immersed in the thickness of the investigated batch of grain products.

In the internal cavity of the cylinder is a TC-7 grain thermometer - a measuring device that shows the temperature of the medium in which it is directly located. The longitudinal groove of the container acts as a viewing window through which you can take readings from the scale of the thermometer.

Due to the high thermal conductivity of the container body of the mechanical thermal rod made of metal, the time required for measurements is reduced.

The rod is a base in the form of a cylindrical pipe, on one of the ends of which a housing with a thermometer is fixedly mounted, and on the other a two-handed handle. The main purpose of the rod is to deliver the measuring device to the required depth in the thickness of the bulk material with subsequent extraction. Approximately in the middle of the pipe is a collapsible mount, with which the bar can be divided into two parts for easy transportation and storage.

The handle is also made of a segment of a cylindrical pipe and the middle part is firmly connected to the end of the rod. The purpose of the handle is the direction of the rod when it moves in the depths of bulk solids.

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Technical characteristics of the mechanical thermal rod:
Product length, mm
2800 / 2000
Measurement time at one point, min
Product weight, kg, no more


Rules and operating procedures when working with a mechanical thermal rod.

The thermowell is usually stored or transported in a disassembled state, so it must be assembled before use.

Operating procedure:
1 Immerse the equipment with a point in the studied grain products to a depth with which it is necessary to measure the temperature.
2 - Stand for at least two minutes.
3 - Remove the thermal rod from the thickness of the grain.
?4 - Take readings from the thermometer scale and, if necessary, record.

Similarly, measurements are taken of other sections of the grain array.

In order for the temperature readings to be most reliable, the container with the thermometer should be removed from the grain without delay.