Pelican Grain Sampler

designed to take grain samples from the stream

The Pelican sampler is used when collecting grain samples from the falling stream for the subsequent determination of its quality. In cases where there is an incident flow of grain, having bought a sampler for grain, it is possible to carry out effective sampling of grain samples when loading almost any type of transport, including road and rail.
Structurally, the Pelican sampler is a narrow rectangular-shaped container with a long handle fixed at one end to the end wall of the container.

The main structural elements:

- Aluminum sampling container.
- Removable handle.
The Pelican's sampler body is made of aluminum, the back of which is higher than the front to direct the flow inside the Pelican, even when the pelican is not in a fully vertical stream. The higher edge of the container in the area of the handle attachment increases the working area of the inlet and helps to capture the flow of grain if it deviates from the vertical.
The aluminum container serves as a sample container. Lightweight material of the case facilitates the work with the device while possessing sufficient rigidity, strength and corrosion resistance.
On top of the case is leather-edged yuft, so that the grain does not break against the body and does not collapse. A leather yuft that performs a protective function, covering the metal edge of the back of the tank and the rest of the upper edge, is fixed with metal rivets around the perimeter.
Due to the small width of the body, sampling is obtained both in a stream of any width and in any of its individual parts.
The Pelican sampler is equipped with a 1.5 m handle. The long and strong removable handle of the equipment makes it possible to hold the device firmly with both hands when taking samples while at a safe distance from the incident stream. The handle is securely attached to a metal patch element tightly enclosing the aluminum case on three sides, which is connected to the container planes with rivets - a proven method of fastening determines the sufficient ability of the entire structure to successfully withstand the pressure of the grain flow and the mass of the sample.
You can buy a sampler for Pelican grain produced by Altair Plus PE using the contact details and the contact form on the Contact page.

Technical characteristics of the Pelican sampler:
Weight without handle, kg
Detachable handle length, m (max.)
Capacity, l
Net capacity, l
The mass of the taken sample, kg no more

The Altair Plus company makes three types of samplers like "Pelican":

- ordinary with an extended handle;
- hold;
- manual with a short handle.

The device is widely used in all areas where the technological process includes the sampling of grain-type products from the stream. In particular, the sampler is used: in flour mills and grain processing plants, in the production and technological laboratories of grain reception centers, in the laboratories of the State Bread Inspection, agricultural breeding and research organizations, as well as in any other institutions involved in the laboratory assessment of the quality of grain and bulk products of its processing.

Holding the Pelican firmly by the handle, move it through the falling stream in a continuous motion, after which the sample taken is poured into a container for storing grain samples.

In the presence of extraneous impurities in the grain production, a stratification of the flow is statistically probable, therefore, in order to minimize deviations of the sample taken when working with the Pelican sampler, it is necessary to carefully control the filling process, preventing the overflow of the working container of the device before the entire flow is crossed.