Elis Mug Grain Sampler

for collecting grain samples from the stream

Alice's mug is a hand-made device made of lightweight aluminum, designed to take a sample of grain, grain products from a conveyor belt.
The shape of the aluminum container provides the convenience of sampling grain from the conveyor. In particular, the arcuate surface into which the heel of the cup passes, contributes to the rapid and efficient filling of the entire volume of the device with grain. At the same time, the insignificant width of the casing (only 25 mm) makes it possible to take samples both locally, in any selected part of the grain flow, and along its entire width by moving in the transverse direction. Moreover, the open end of the Alice cup in the form of a triangular cutout in addition to increasing the area of ??the inlet significantly facilitates visual control over the filling.

The corrosion resistance of the material of which the working container is made prevents rust formation, thereby contributing not only to an increase in the duration of the operation period, but also ensures the purity of grain in samples taken from the conveyor belt from impurities (rust particles or paint).

Closer to the upper part of the metal tank there is a mount for a removable telescopic handle that allows you to take grain samples, both in hard-to-reach areas and at a safe distance from moving elements of the conveyor mechanism.

Near the telescopic handle mount, also in the upper part of the structure, there is an additional fixed handle fixed by electric welding and designed for comfortable carrying of selected grain samples.

The dimensions of the air gap between the bracket of the fixed handle and the body make it possible to work with gloves if necessary, for example, to protect the worker’s hands from direct contact with cooled metal surfaces in the cool season.

If you need a removable telescopic handle, the sampler can be easily unscrewed before the storage period or for transportation.

You can buy Alice's mug in Altair Plus PE using the contact information on the Contact page.

Product Dimensions:
390 mm
230 mm
25 mm
Sampler Options:
- aluminum container (mug);
- telescopic handle.

Submerge the heel of Alice's mug with the open side toward the direction of flow. Lower the open end down through the grain parallel to the tape. After the mug is full, lift the open end up and pull the mug out of the stream.