Cyclone Laboratory Mill

used for grinding laboratory samples of cereals, etc.

Purpose of laboratory mill "CYCLONE":

The laboratory mill "Cyclone" is used for grinding laboratory samples of cereals, legumes, feed and plant materials with a moisture content of up to 20% for further testing of their quality characteristics

The laboratory mill "Cyclone" is used for grinding samples in determining the falling number, quantity and quality of gluten, protein content, moisture content, with IR analyzers, Keldahl systems, Glutomatics and for other purposes where a small homogeneous sample is required for laboratory analyzes.

Principle of operation:

The laboratory mill "Cyclone" works on the principle of a centrifugal impact mill. Raw materials are automatically fed from the receiving hopper in small portions to the grinding chamber. The impeller creates a powerful directional air flow during rotation. With the help of the impeller, the particles of the unmilled product are accelerated by centrifugal forces and the air flow and, as a result, are erased and broken on the notches of the shell into small particles. Grinding is repeated until quietly, until the crushed product particles, together with air, pass through the holes of the calibrated sieve. After these directions, the air flow, together with the ground product, enters the funnel of the cyclone filter, where the product is separated from the air, and enters the container for the finished product. The air, in turn, goes out through the mechanical filter.


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