SHA Car Grain Probe

designed for rapid spot sampling of grain or other bulk product

Automobile probe is designed for quick spot sampling of grain or other loose product placed in car bodies, car trailers, embankments. PE Altair Plus - is a manufacturer of a car probe (carriage).
щуп автомобильныйAn automobile probe does not injure the grain during sampling, which can subsequently be reflected in the analysis of grain, especially when disassembling for broken grains.
The automobile probe is produced in two versions - 1.2 meters long, for sampling from the embankment level to 1 meter and 1.6 meters long for sampling from the embankment level to 1.5 meters.
The probe consists of an intake cone with a capacity of 0.115 liters and a diameter of 60 mm, a rod and a rod with a handle.
Opening and closing the probe is done by pushing or pulling the control rod with a handle attached to the movable cover of the outboard cone, which is moved inside the hollow rod.
It is convenient to transport the probe in the luggage compartment of a car.

The Altair Plus company makes and sells automobile probes under the order. You can buy a car probe using the contact details of the company on the "Contact Us" page.

Technical characteristics of the automobile probe:
Volume of product to be taken, cm3
The length of the intake part, m
1.2 or 1,6
Probe diameter, mm
Weight, kg

To carry out the sampling operation, the probe is lowered into the grain in the closed state, it is opened at the required depth and the intake cone is filled.

The sampling should be in different places of the embankment, at different levels, subsequently mixed and then analyze the average sample.

The average sample is part of a pooled sample allocated to verify product quality indicators.

If the height of the embankment is significantly greater than the size of the automotive probe, you must use a barn probe or PM puncher, as debris may collect at the bottom of the embankment.