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The main activity is the production of laboratory equipment for the grain and baking industry, measuring equipment for analytical laboratories and sanitary-epidemiological stations, construction, metallurgical and mining industries.



State of emergency of "Altair Plus" renders a wide range of services, both on guarantee, and post warranty repair of laboratory equipment. The service center of our company is equipped with the latest equipment for diagnosing devices in order to identify faults.


For many years, Altair Plus has been cooperating with the Gosstandart authorities and has been supplying laboratory equipment with certification. Also at the request of the client provides services for the verification and certification of measuring instruments.


PE “Altair Plus” provides services for the calibration of instruments that are a means of measurement. These devices include moisture meters, whiteness meters, scales of various accuracy classes, gluten deformation meters, IR analyzers (Spectran, Infrascan).

PE “Altair Plus” - production of laboratory equipment for the grain and bakery industries, sanitary and epidemiological monitoring stations and research laboratories, measuring devices for mining and metallurgy enterprises.


On this site, every client will be able to find and select all the devices required for experiments or measurements of substances.


Our highly professional specialists ensure the development, design and modernization of technical means for effective sampling, research and accurate measurements. If necessary, it is possible to re-equip our products in accordance with the wishes of the customer.


PE Altair Plus is a leading supplier and manufacturer of equipment for laboratories and measuring equipment in Ukraine.